Amazon Alexa will soon control microwave ovens

Key Points
  • Soon you'll be able to control smart microwaves and ovens with Alexa.
  • Amazon announced the new tools on Thursday, and Whirlpool will soon launch a microwave with support.
  • LG, Samsung, Kenmore and GE are also on board.
Jeff Bezos
Shannon Stapleton | Reuters

You'll soon be able to use Alexa to start heating food in your microwave.

Amazon introduced new tools on Thursday that allow kitchen appliance makers to build Alexa, the voice assistant that powers Echo devices, into microwaves and eventually conventional ovens. You might, for example, tell Alexa to set the microwave for 3 minutes or ask Alexa to preheat the oven to 300 degrees.

The functions won't work with existing microwaves and ovens, so manufacturers will have to build new smart ovens to support Alexa.

Whirlpool has signed on to launch an Alexa-ready microwave that will be the first to the market. GE, Kenmore, LG and Samsung will also sell new products with Alexa.

Alexa is already built into other smart appliances, including LG refrigerators. Google and Apple have yet to announce similar features for Google Assistant or Siri.