This gadget takes a 3D picture of your face in just seconds

Key Points
  • Bellus3D is a new gadget that can scan 3D images of your face in seconds.
  • It's launching for developers this year and can be used for VR to medical applications.
Bellus3D scans a 3D picture of your face in just seconds

A new product can take 3D images of your face in just seconds.

It's built by a company named Bellus3D and plugs into an Android phone. Then, using built-in cameras, will scan your face and show you an exact replica of yourself. Kind of creepy, but it might one day have some real world uses.

Bellus3D says it's working with partners and developers so that its technology might one day be used to provide realistic 3D images of people inside VR, for medical purposes (maybe imagining a before and after of plastic surgery, for example) and potentially for shopping -- like using a 3D image to see how clothes might fit before you buy them, for example.

Bellus3D is only available for developers now and production and delivery is expected to begin in the first quarter of this year.