Jay Leno’s Garage

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Earth-friendly G-Wagen pulls in to Jay Leno’s Garage

Take one look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mercedes G-Wagen, and you'd assume it was a gas-guzzling SUV, however Schwarzenegger's model has some tricks up its sleeve. When Schwarzenegger visits Jay Leno's Garage, Leno takes a closer look at his longtime-friend's custom ride to see how the environmental and car enthusiast made it more Earth-friendly.

The Mercedes G-Wagen was originally designed for military use before becoming commercially available, and Schwarzenegger's first step was shipping the car off to his home country of Austria to be converted from gas to electric. A company called Kreisel did the work, and Arnold's pronunciation lesson of the company's name is a must watch.

Schwarzenegger loves his customized G-Wagen because it doesn't use any gasoline and gets fantastic mileage. Also, according to Jay, "It's everything he likes. It's big, it's brawny, but it doesn't pollute or hurt the environment."

It's not every day you get to hop behind the wheel with the Terminator, and once they're on the road, Schwarzenegger schools Jay on some more perks of his Earth-friendly ride. He explains, "It drives the same as the combustion engine except it's quiet and it has more acceleration." This means Jay can hear his friend's teasing and jokes loud and clear.

Schwarzenegger's environmental saving efforts started when be was the two-term Governor of California, but he doesn't plan to stop the fight. Next up, he plans on converting his Hummers in clean energy road champions and finally say, "Hasta la vista, baby…" to environmental pollutants.