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Jay Leno puts his “joltmeter” to the test at the Hyundai Proving Grounds

What do you do when you want to drive cars that aren't fit for the open road? You take them to closed ones. This is how Jay Leno found himself in the middle of the California desert at the Hyundai Proving Grounds – a blistering 72 mile stretch of "punishing roads", where non-street legal vehicles go to test their mettle.

Leno's been to many proving grounds before, but he considers the Hyundai one to be extra special. These remote testing areas usually consist of a high-speed roads, a road with cobblestones and any kind of bad surface that you can encounter. Some roads are even designed to literally shake the car apart. Drive those at your own risk.

Leno meets up with famed stunt driver Ben "The Stig" Collins to test the performance of the all new 2018 Hyundai Kona. They put the 205 horsepower vehicle through the paces on multiple courses and like the results they get on each abusive surface. Leno added an extra layer of testing to his ride around the proving grounds by bringing along a "joltmeter" to measure just how much impact the car was taking. Spoiler alert, it was a lot.

According to Leno, "The boring thing about modern cars is that they're all really good." So for him, "It was fun to put it through its paces and literally try to break the car."

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