After helping Conor McGregor prepare for fights, Hykso is bringing training to the home

Key Points
  • FightCamp, a new subscription service, costs $25 to $39 a month.
  • The videos are used with the company's punch trackers.
FightCamp wants to become the Peloton of boxing

Connor McGregor, the mixed martial artist and boxer, uses sensors from a tech start-up called Hykso to measure his performance and technique. So does MMA fighter Daniel Cormier, as well as boxer Vasyl Lomachenko and the U.S. Olympic boxing team.

Hykso is now moving beyond punch tracking hardware and is bringing on-demand training videos to the home. The company has just introduced FightCamp, a library of boxing workouts available via subscription.

In generating monthly revenue, not just one-time sales from its sensors, FightCamp should bring Hykso closer to its goal of becoming "the Peloton of boxing," co-founders Khalil Zahar and Tommy Duquette said.

Peloton has become a fitness sensation by combining its premium stationary bikes and treadmills with a screen that offers workout classes.

FightCamp's workouts -- accessible on a range of Apple devices -- are designed for people who want boxing-oriented videos at a more affordable rate than Peloton's technology.

FightCamp brings on-demand boxing workouts to subscribers at home.

FightCamp works in conjunction with Hykso's punch trackers and any gloves or bag that a boxer wants to use at home. On a standalone basis, a pair of punch trackers costs $149.95.

New subscribers to FightCamp get a pair of the trackers free. The service costs between $25 and $39 a month, depending on the length of the subscription. When users cancel, Hykso asks them to return their punch trackers by mail.

FightCamp's workouts were developed by personal trainers and professional athletes who have helped celebrities, including Adrianna Lima, Usher, Hugh Jackman and Charlotte McKinney get into shape. They can also be used to lead classes in studios or gyms.

Duquette said the company has plans to add at least five new workouts a week from elite trainers. Based in Newport Beach, the six-person start-up is also building a studio of its own to film fresh workouts.

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