Singapore Airshow

We got inside some of the world's most popular corporate helicopters

We went inside some of the world's most popular corporate helicopters

Bell Helicopter, part of American conglomerate Textron, attended Singapore Airshow 2018, where the Texas-based company had several models on display.

CNBC took a look inside its Bell 429 and Bell 505, models.

The Bell 429, a popular corporate helicopter, costs between $7.5 to 8 million, while the Bell 505 ranges between $1.8 to $2 million.

"It's a perfectly suited aircraft for people flying from airports to their homes, from their homes to their offices, or even point to point for tourism, Sameer Rehman, managing director of Bell Helicopter, Asia-Pacific, said of the 429.

The Bell 429, can last for more than four hours. A typical a helicopter ride usually runs between 30 minutes to 90 minutes. The company said it has sold more than 100 of the 429 models in Asia-Pacific.

Bell customizes everything from the colors of the seats, carpet, tint of the windows and sound systems. "No two are usually equal," Rehman said.

The Bell 505 is a light single engine, meant for shorter distances, which used a fully digital cockpit and an engine electronically controlled.

"It has drawn out individuals of high net worth that own yachts, that have the super cars, and have the mansions and they've seen a lot of value in this helicopter," Rehman said. "We have taken 30-40 percent of non-organic growth and drawn people into the helicopter market," he said. "It gets people thinking about helicopters."

Bell Helicopter is currently developing unmanned air taxis and collaborating with Uber. It says it plans to have them on the market in the middle of the 2020s.