Snap gives some creators access to detailed audience data for the first time

Key Points
  • Snapchat's new redesign caters to advertisers and content creators.
  • New insights and data allow influencers to curate their content more effectively and make better advertising deals.
Evan Spiegel, co-founder and CEO of Snapchat
Getty Images

Snap said Wednesday it will for the first time give influencers the kind of data on their audiences that they receive from other large social media platforms.

Creators with large audiences on Snapchat — known as "Official Story" account holders — now have access to data giving them a deeper understanding of their audience. That data includes total Story views, daily reach and engagement metrics, time spent viewing Stories and demographic information.

This will help influencers create Stories for a broader audience and snag better advertising deals. Advertisers can access their target audiences more easily now that audience information is available.

This is all part of a move to separate the social side of Snapchat from the media side. The newly formatted Discover page shows users content from both publishers and popular influencers, whereas these influencers' content used to be integrated with content from friends. The separation also makes it easier for users to discover new content creators by showcasing them to a broader audience through the Discover page.