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Check out these Olympic Skeleton athletes and their super cool helmets

Akwasi Frimpong of Ghana
Mohd Rasfan | AFP | Getty Images

There may not be a Winter Olympics sport more terrifying than the Skeleton. This is the sporting event where athletes voluntarily hurl themselves head first down a curving ice track at speeds of over 80 mph — with no brakes!

While most people may be too afraid to try it, it certainly does make for a fantastic spectator sport.

For the athletes willing to risk life and limb for the glory of an Olympic medal, apparently you need a super cool helmet. The Skeleton helmets at the Pyeongchang Olympics are creative pieces of art that not only serve to protect the the riders' noggins. They also seem to embody the spirit of the athlete wearing them.

Here is a sampling of some of our favorites.

Photo above: Akwasi Frimpong of Ghana.

Joseph Luke Cecchini of Itay

2018Joseph Luke Cecchini of Italy.
Edgar Su | Reuters

Barrett Martineau of Canada

Barrett Martineau of Canada.
Edgar Su | Reuters

Yun Sungbin of South Korea

Yun Sung-bin of South Korea.
Edgar Su | Reuters

Katie Uhlaender of the U.S.

Katie Uhlaender of the U.S.
Edgar Su | Reuters

Maria Marinela Mazilu of Romania

Maria Marinela Mazilu of Romania.
Arnd Wiegmann | Reuters

Adam Edelman of Israel

Adam Edelman of Israel.
Mike Egerton | PA Images | Getty Images

Kevin Boyer of Canada

Kevin Boyer of Canada.
Edgar Su | Reuters

Alexander Gassner of Germany

Alexander Gassner of Germany.
Edgar Su | Reuters

Kim Meylemans of Belgium

Kim Meylemans of Belgium.
Edgar Su | Reuters

Mirela Rahneva of Canada

Mirela Rahneva of Canada.
Arnd Wiegmann | Reuters

Hiroatsu Takahashi of Japan

Hiroatsu Takahashi of Japan.
Edgar Su | Reuters

Mariana Gilardoni of Switzerland

Marina Gilardoni of Switzerland.
Arnd Wiegmann | Reuters

Jane Channell of Canada

Jane Channell of Canada.
Edgar Su | Reuters

Ander Mirambell of Spain

Ander Mirambell of Spain.
Edgar Su | Reuters

Jackie Narracott of Australia

Jackie Narracott of Australia.
Edgar Su | Reuters