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WHEN: Today, Thursday, February 22, 2018

WHERE: CNBC's "Power Lunch"

Following are excerpts from the unofficial transcript of a CNBC interview with CNBC Contributor Suzy Welch and Tim Tebow. The interview aired today on CNBC's Power Lunch. Following is a link to video of the interview:

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TIM TEBOW: Why do we have to be defined by what other people want us to do? You know, I think that's one of the silliest things that people get in their brain is that-- that they let the rest of the world tell us what we can and what we can't do.

SUZY WELCH: You've been a leader and you've been described as a leader from an early age, because you were leading teams, and-- in high school, and so forth, talk to us about... how do you define leadership?

TIM TEBOW: A leader is someone that other people will follow. Plain and simple. Now, I think some people are born with more leadership traits, and I think other people learn how to continue to build those traits that other people will follow. you know, I've learned this from my dad when I was eight years old, that when you truly love something, when you're passionate about something, and you're willing to sacrifice for it, it's amazing how many people will be drawn to you because those qualities are so contagious, and people want to be around it. One of the keys of being a-- stronger leader, and growing as a leader is knowing who you're trying to lead, is understanding what makes them tick, is getting to believe in the bigger mission, and getting them to buy into you and how much you care, and how much you're willing to sacrifice for them, and for the goal.

SOUND FROM -- Sept. 2018 Tebow presser - You'll never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of this season...

SUZY WELCH: There was the loss to Ole Miss in 2008, okay? And you went out and you apologized.

SOUND FROM Sept. 2018 Tebow presser - I'm sorry. I'm extremely sorry. ya know we were hoping for an undefeated season that was my goal.

SUZY WELCH: It was sort of a controversial thing. I think that there's this sense that real leaders don't apologize.

TIM TEBOW: I just think that's ridiculous. Why? Because it's a pride thing? I think having--

SUZY WELCH: Weakness.

TIM TEBOW: I think having the ability to apologize when you don't do something right, or you feel guilty, I think it's a huge quality.

SUZY WELCH: Real leaders say I'm sorry, yeah?

TIM TEBOW: I do. I think real leaders can say they're sorry, 'cause they're not perfect. No one's perfect. We all make mistakes. Even if you're the best leader of the top company, of the-- you know, it doesn't matter. You still make mistakes, and to be able to say that, I think it shows people that you're humble, it shows people that you care, and it shows people that you are not above them.

SUZY WELCH: You like to say normal is not the goal.

TIM TEBOW: You know what normal makes you? Average. Why would you wake up and you say, yes, today I can't wait to be average? I would rather be an outlier and fail, because when you're an outlier, when you don't do what everybody else is doing, exactly how everybody else is doing it, you at least have a chance to be special.


SUZY WELCH: I just say a word and you give me your first one or two word reaction to it and if you want to say a little bit more than that you can for sure. okay. Your favorite game.


SUZY WELCH: No, no, no. Not a computer--

TIM TEBOW: I thought it was, like, a game you played.

SUZY WELCH: Your favorite game.

TIM TEBOW: FSU my senior year.

SUZY WELCH: The NCAA paying players.

TIM TEBOW: I think we need to help 'em, I don't think we need to pay 'em.

SUZY WELCH: What do you think about the future of football? The future of the NFL?

TIM TEBOW: I think they're gonna have to try to get a lot of these concussion things figured out,

SUZY WELCH: If you had a kid,would you let your kid play football today?

TIM TEBOW: If he wanted to.

SUZY WELCH: Okay. Dogs.

TIM TEBOW: I love 'em to death. I am such a dog person.

SUZY WELCH: Is there a--particular breed you love, or do you like rescues, or?

TIM TEBOW: I love a bunch of different types of dogs. I think my favorite, 'cause I'm biased right now, is ridgebacks. Because that's what I have.

SUZY WELCH: Colin Kaepernick.

TIM TEBOW: Highly debated.

SUZY WELCH: A whole new spin on kneeling. Right? I mean, with the Tebowing was a whole sort of different thing, right? The Mets.

TIM TEBOW: A lot of fun.

SUZY WELCH: Is there a point where you say, let's talk about pro football, right? I mean, there was a moment where you said, okay, it's not gonna happen for me in pro football. I'm going to baseball. Yeah?

TIM TEBOW: Well, no. It wasn't like that. I mean, I still have offers to go play other positions in--

SUZY WELCH: Not play Quarterback, though.

TIM TEBOW: For me, it was doing more of my dream, 'cause I loved playing quarterback. But I love hitting a baseball, too. So I'm gonna go live out my dreams, not just what other people want me to do. You know?

SUZY WELCH: What if it doesn't work out with baseball?

TIM TEBOW: What if it doesn't? Most people already think it's not going to. So what does that matter? If you have a goal, if-- there's something been placed on your heart, then strive for it. What's the worst thing that's gonna happen? You don't make it? Oh well. But at least you get to say, I tried. And for me, I get to look back at peace because I went all out, all the time.

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