New travel gadgets for the busy road warrior

Key Points
  • At the International Travel Goods show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, hundreds of new travel devices will be on display.
  • Among the items hitting the market: Travel pillows, a bathroom kit, and a $3200 carry-on bag.
A sign directs travelers to a security checkpoint staffed by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers at O'Hare Airport in Chicago.
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Starting on Tuesday, the latest in high-tech luggage, travel gear and accessories will go on display in Las Vegas, thanks to the annual trade event known as the International Travel Goods show.

Some available items, like a $3,250 carry-on, are both pretty and pricey. Others, such as a bathroom kit that includes a yard of toilet paper and sanitary wipes, are a low-priced but practical accessory to have handy on any trip. CNBC got a preview of some of the new offerings expected to be featured at this year's show.

Illuminated charging station

Source: Talus

Travelers often leave lights on in their hotel rooms so they can find their way to the bathroom — especially in the middle of the night. "But leaving a room light on can disrupt sleep," said Kim Filippone, marketing director at Talus. She suggested guests plug in the company's Nightlight Charging Station instead. "The soft light provides enough light to see without being too bright, while also offering a place to charge a phone and tablet," said Filippone. Price: $19.99.

Be prepared

Source: AAACK! Packs

AAACK Packs are zip-together modular travel pods that can be filled with activity-specific supplies. The Allergy Pack is heavy on antihistamines and decongestants, for example, while the Executive version includes anti-wrinkle spray, stain remover and earplugs and the Music Fest Pack is stocked with sunscreen, ear plugs and hand sanitizer. Want Advil instead of Tylenol? "Change it online with a couple of clicks before you buy," said AAACK Pack founder and president Allen Whitely. Price: Between $23.98 and $64.35.

No whining over broken wine bottles

Source: Bottleguardian

A wine bottle that broke inside his suitcase led Houston-based Mark Van Dyke to create a leak-proof and unbreakable container. The Bottleguardian Travel Case safeguards glass bottles of wine and liquor being transported in checked bags. A rubber seal between the two halves of the holder is designed to keep liquid and any broken glass inside the case and away from clothing or other items in the bag. Price: $19.95.

Restroom rescue kit

Source: Timeaway

Described as a "first aid kit" for use in high traffic public restrooms or portable loos, The Restroom Kit is a one-use portable packet. It comes with an oversize toilet seat cover, a yard of 3 ply toilet paper, and sanitary wipes. Price: 3 for $10; 10 for $25.

Cushion your laptop – or your head

Source: Scrubba

Melbourne, Australia-based Scrubba gained fans a few years back with an ingenious travel-sized device that's designed to wash clothes on the road. Their latest, which will be available in March, is the Scrubba Air Sleeve. It's a compact, self-inflating product that creates an air cushion to protect laptops or tablets. Inflate the sleeve a bit more and it can also serve as a travel pillow—with a laptop still inside. Price: $49.95 (tablet size); $54.95 (laptop size).

In pursuit of a perfect travel pillow

Source: zdoze; Cabeau

There's a wide universe of travel pillows, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Two new ones, however, are aiming to solve the pesky bobbing head problem that most pillows can't fix on airplanes. Cabeau's Evolution S3 pillow (Price: $39.99), has a strap that attaches to the airplane seat headrest, and keeps your head from falling forward. The nod2.0, from zdoze, has cord clips that do the same. (Price: $29.99)

Lightweight, but not light-priced

Source: Zero Haliburton

Zero Halliburton's new 22-inch carry-on is a four-wheel spinner without a frame, and made with a carbon fiber composite sourced from an exclusive Japanese maker. Each carry-on shell undergoes the same production process used for high-end motorcycles and race cars. Lightweight, shiny and strong, it comes with a hefty price tag of $3250.

"It's the ideal travel companion for the confident globetrotter who has an eye for great design, an appreciation for pragmatic elegance, and makes choices based on craftsmanship, innovation and the authentic story behind the object of his or her desire," said Tom Nelson, Zero Halliburton's president and CEO.