Inside the $100,000 Lincoln Navigator Black Label

Key Points
  • The Lincoln Navigator Black Label is a $100,000 SUV.
  • While almost all Lincoln models saw year-over-year declines in sales in February, the new Navigator is selling well.
Here’s why people are lining up to spend $100,000 on this SUV

The new star of Lincoln's lineup is a sport utility vehicle with a nearly six-figure price.

Since undergoing its most thorough redesign in roughly a decade, Lincoln has sold so many Navigators executives said they had to boost production to keep up with demand.

February sales for Lincoln, which is Ford's luxury marque, were down 23.4 percent over the same month last year. Sales of almost every model were down, but sales of the new Navigator jumped 13.3 percent, and Ford is still trying to make enough to meet demand.

The Navigator Black Label, the vehicle's highest trim level, starts at around $93,000 and can rise from there to above $100,000. Black Label vehicles come with upgraded interiors and added features, and have services included, such as a dedicated concierge and free car washes.

Customers don't seem to mind the sky-high price tags. The vast majority — 85 percent — of buyers are opting for the Black Label or the Reserve trim level, which starts at $81,000.

"Our higher trim level vehicles are really resonating with our customers, who are looking for more content and technology than ever before. This is especially true of our trucks and SUVs," said Mark LaNeve, Ford's vice president, U.S. marketing, sales and service.