Amtrak cancels all service in Northeast corridor between Boston and Washington due to weather conditions

Key Points
  • Amtrak has temporarily canceled all services between Boston and Washington.
  • All Amtrak services between the two cities have been canceled until "at least" Saturday, the company tweeted.
  • The 106 trains scheduled to run in the affected area have all been canceled or delayed, Amtrak said.
File photo of an Amtrak train blasts through a snow drift.
Harry Hamburg | NY Daily News Archive | Getty Images

Amtrak has temporarily canceled all services between Boston and Washington, the railroad corporation said Friday evening.

Of the 106 trains scheduled to run between Boston and Washington — and the Keystone line connecting Pennsylvania and New York — all have been canceled or delayed, an Amtrak spokeswoman told CNBC.

In a series of tweets, Amtrak Northeast said that all services between the two cities along the Northeast Corridor have been canceled until "at least" Saturday, due to "hazardous conditions." The tweets did not specify at what time trains would be expected to resume service.

Amtrak: Springfield Shuttle trains are still operating between NHV and SPG. Amtrak service on the Northeast Corridor remains canceled until at least tomorrow including Keystone Service.

Amtrak:  Despite our best effort to restore service between BOS and WAS today, we have determined at this time it is not safe to do so. Hazardous conditions for our customers & crews have led us to cancel all Amtrak service on the Northeast Corridor until tomorrow. We sincerely apologize.

Earlier Friday, Amtrak temporarily suspended service on routes between Boston and Washington until 6 p.m. But as the late winter storm, which brought high winds and a mix of snow and freezing rains to the U.S. Northeast, continued unabated, Amtrak was forced to extend its cancellations.

Amtrak: Amtrak service southbound out of WAS is also suspended until at least tomorrow morning due to multiple downed trees blocking the freight line's tracks that we operate on. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience,

A spokesman for Amtrak services said there was no threat of service in the Chicago area being disrupted due to weather. 

The National Weather Service on Friday at 5:19 p.m. ET issued flood advisory warnings to the New York City area, which are expected to remain in effect until Sunday.

Five people have been killed by storm-related causes, law enforcement officials told NBC.

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