Sustainable, plant-based Legos are coming. They'll still hurt when you step on them

Brett Molina
Lego Group to launch sustainable, plant-based Lego.
Source: Lego Group

They'll still hurt when you step on them, but botanical elements featured in future Lego sets will be sustainable starting this year.

The Lego Group announced pieces such as leaves, bushes and trees will be made of a plant-based plastic using sugarcane.

The shift is part of a bigger plan to use sustainable products in its products and packaging by 2030.

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"This is a great first step in our ambitious commitment of making all LEGO bricks using sustainable materials," said Tim Brooks, vice president of environmental responsibility at the Lego Group, in a statement.

Lego said although the botanical elements will use a sugarcane-based plastic, they are still "technically identical" to pieces made of conventional plastic.

The move is among several Lego has taken to create a manufacturing process friendlier to the environment. Last year, Lego Group announced it was partnering with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Lego is also working with WWF to help support demand for sustainably-sourced plastics.

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