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Microsoft signs another renewable energy deal in Asia

Key Points
  • Renewable electricity will be used to help meet the electricity needs of a new office in Bangalore.
  • Last week, Microsoft said it would buy all the renewable energy output from a solar project in Singapore.
RUNSTUDIO | DigitalVision | Getty Images

Microsoft has entered into an agreement to purchase three megawatts (MW) of solar-powered electricity in India.

The tech giant will buy the electricity from Atria Power. The renewable power will be used to supply a new office in Bangalore, India, and will meet 80 percent of the new building's projected electricity needs.

The deal represents Microsoft's first solar power agreement in India. Rob Bernard, Microsoft's chief environmental strategist, said that both Microsoft and India had ambitious commitments to use more renewable energy.

"By purchasing local solar power to meet some of our local electricity needs, we're not only meeting our goals but also supporting the growth of local clean energy industries," Bernard said. "This growth leads to more clean electricity capacity, which will help India meet its targets for the Paris Agreement, reduce carbon emissions and provide clean electricity to its growing population."

Tuesday's announcement follows last week's news that Microsoft would buy all the renewable energy output from a 60 MW solar project in Singapore, its first clean energy deal in Asia.

Microsoft's deals in India and Singapore come at a time when a number of large companies are making big commitments relating to renewables. Last week, for example, payments giant Visa pledged to use 100 percent renewable electricity across global operations by the end of 2019. In January, T-Mobile said it would move to 100 percent renewable electricity by 2021.