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Smart toothbrush start-up wants to turn a chore into a game

Start-up sells smart toothbrushes
Start-up sells smart toothbrushes

This start-up wants to turn tooth brushing from a chore into a game.

"For us, it was a battle in the bathroom," says Ethan Daniel Schur, co-founder and CEO of Grush. "Kids hate to brush their teeth because they can't visualize the results, and they're not incentivized to brush properly."

The start-up's solution: a Bluetooth toothbrush with built-in motion sensors that connects to video games on your smartphone.

"Parents can use their mobile device and see exactly how well their kids have been brushing," says Schur, "And dentists can see what their patients are doing in between visits."


Grush's target customer is a 25 to 35 year old parent of children ages 3 to 13.

"These are moms and dads that have struggled with their kids before, getting them to brush their teeth," says Schur. "They want a solution for healthy brushing."

Pediatric dental disease is the number one chronic childhood illness in the United States, according to the National Children's Oral Health Foundation. Grush hopes to tackle this issue by making brushing fun.

"This is an educational game that gives them healthy brushing habits for life," says Schur.


Grush toothbrushes are priced at $35 and are available for sale on the company's website, Amazon, and other retailers including Home Depot.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, the start-up was founded in April 2014, and has sold about 50,000 units with over $1 million in revenue since its launch.

Schur says Grush plans to release a smart toothbrush for adults called "Grush Cloud White" in early 2018.

"What we're looking to do is become the smart hub of the bathroom," says Schur.

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