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Use this meditation app to relax during a stressful day at work

Key Points
  • An iPhone and Android app named Digipill can help you cut down on stress.
  • It also has "pills" you can download and listen to to help with fear of flying, falling asleep and more.
  • It's helped me on long flights and is good for taking a break from a stressful day.
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Sometimes you need a break from constant smartphone notifications, Twitter feeds and Slack notifications. For that, and other relaxation techniques, consider checking out a free app (with in-app purchases) named Digipill.

I've been using Digipill for a couple of years. I first downloaded it in an effort to try to relax during an international flight. The app has all sorts of guided meditation audio clips that you can listen to. They range in length from just a few minutes to about a half of an hour.

Here's a look at what Digipill offers, and why you might want to give it a try when you need to shut the rest of the world out.


You can buy all sorts of voice-guided meditation sessions.
Todd Haselton | CNBC

Digipill is sort of like a digital pharmacy, and it plays on that idea with various "pills" you can buy. These are the audio clips you'll listen to, and they work pretty well. There are a bunch to choose from, including guided talks on confidence, to help falling asleep for a quick power nap. One pill, called Focus, is "prescribed for concentration." Pills range in price, from about $2.99 to $5.99 each.


You can also pay for access to everything at once.
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Digipill also has prescriptions that allow you to access all of the pills for $4.99 a month, or $19.99 a year. That's a pretty good deal, but you might want to try a few before you sign up. Also, you might want to buy individual pills that are suited to your needs. I don't really need access to one called "Study Success," for example, since I don't really need that. Another, called "Man Magnet" is "prescribed for passion," but I'm married.

Some pills to get you started.

These are the pills I already own.
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I've downloaded several of the "pills" and I've found they can be really useful, especially after a long day of work when I just need to take a deep breath and take a quick nap or cut down on some stress.

"Peace of Mind" is a good one for anxiety, and I really enjoyed "Fear of Flying." In that one, a soothing voice (it's admittedly a little creepy at first, but eventually becomes calming) reminded me of the safety of flying, and that there's an adventure waiting for me when I land. I also found that "Sleep Deeply" helped me fall asleep on a flight, and has helped me at home when I toss and turn at night.

Give it a try

The app can guide you through meditation.
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If you're trying to cut out the noise of a crazy day and calm down, practicing this sort of mindfulness and meditation can be a big help. It has been for me, anyway. You can download Digipill for Android and for the iPhone.