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Cramer's lightning round: Goldman Sachs' stock is a great play on this volatility

Key Points
  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers' favorite stocks at rapid speed.

Goldman Sachs: "I've got to tell you, if we hadn't just talked about it right now, my charitable trust would be a buyer. We're going to tell club members that it's time to buy in the $240s. I think it's a great bet on the volatility that we're all seeing. They are ready for it."

Alibaba Group: "Alibaba and Baidu and Baozun are the three Chinese stocks I think have the greatest future that trade here. Tencent doesn't. And I bless buying any of those [three]."

Berkshire Hathaway: "Just buy Berkshire Hathaway. Just buy it. Now, the reason why GE was up was rumors that Berkshire is taking a stake in GE. We do not know if this is true, so I cannot comment and say buy GE or sell Berkshire on that news because there's no way of knowing if it's true or not, even though many people took action today."

Qualcomm: "Qualcomm is a hold. They do need to close this NXPI deal, need to see approval by the Chinese. Surprised they don't have it yet. And then they'll be diversified and be more in the automobile."

Cisco Systems: "To me, when you get the dividend and when you look at what [CEO] Chuck Robbins has done – it's up 11 percent this year, it's up from $30 in August of 2017. From $30 to $42 doesn't seem all that bad to me. I like Cisco. I would be a buyer here. I wish my charitable trust had bought some today. I think it's a good stock."

Watch the full lightning round here:

Cramer's lightning round: Goldman Sachs' stock is a great play on this volatility

Disclosure: Cramer's charitable trust owns shares of Goldman Sachs.

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