Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 hit ‘Dreams’ is back on the Billboard charts after a random tweet

Michael Ochs Archives | Getty Images

A video of a dance troupe appearing to perform to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams," has helped the song re-enter the Billboard charts more than 40 years after it was released.

"Dreams," which topped the charts in 1977, is the backdrop to the video of a performance by the Alcorn Golden Girls, dancers at the Alcorn State University, a college in Mississippi. The song is now at number 14 on the Hot Rock Songs chart and has had 1.9 million streams, after a tweet posted by a user with the handle @bottledfleet went viral.

"Fleetwood Mac's music is so boring, you can't even dance to it," the tweeter wrote. "Me, an intellectual:" it continued, ahead of the post of the video.


The tweeter only has 2,400 or so followers, but the video posted has been watched more than 6 million times, and retweeted more than 140,000 times.

But it seems that the original video, posted on the Golden Girls' Instagram page last month, showed them performing to the marching band playing "Stay" by the 1990s group Eternal, according to a Washington Post report, and @bottledfleet had simply layered the Fleetwood Mac song over the top.

On Thursday, @bottledfleet credited the Golden Girls dance troupe and its leader Elexis Wilson, but didn't mention the original song.

"Dreams" is Fleetwood Mac's only number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching the top spot on June 18, 1977. "Don't Stop" also did well in the same year, hitting number two.