The 10 best states to find a job

US News & World Report
Casey Leins

For most people, job availability is a huge factor - if not the primary concern - when searching for a place to live.

Though the national unemployment rate was 4.1 percent in May, some states have a much lower rate - in some cases under 3 percent. Many people are flocking to these states where jobs are more plentiful.

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U.S. News determined the Best states for employment, based on each state's unemployment rate, labor force participation and change in unemployment rate between 2013 and 2016.

These are the states where you have the best chance at landing a job:

10. Wisconsin 

Unemployment rate: 3.2 percent

Labor force participation: 66.5 percent

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker recently said his changes to public assistance programs will further elevate the estate's workforce. The state for example, requires able-bodied adults receiving assistance to work 30 hours per week.

9. Massachusetts

Unemployment rate: 3.6 percent

Labor force participation: 67.3 percent

On April 1, a new law went into effect in Massachusetts to protect pregnant women against workplace discrimination.

Among the law's guidelines, it protects women from pregnancy-related reprisal and requires employers to provide pregnant or nursing women "reasonable accommodations," Bloomberg reported.

8. Iowa 

Unemployment rate: 2.9 percent

Labor force participation: 67.5 percent

Iowa is the only state in the nation where manufacturing is still the top industry, according to Iowa Workforce Development spokesperson Cory Kelly.

7. Minnesota 

Unemployment rate: 3.1 percent

Labor force participation: 69.4 percent

The Mayo Clinic employs the most people in Minnesota, with more than 40,000 state workers. Close behind is the state government, followed by the federal government, Allina Health System and Target.

6. Nebraska 

Unemployment rate: 2.7 percent

Labor force participation: 69.1 percent

In 2017, Nebraska's most common occupation was a "retail salesperson" and the most populated industry was education services, according to a recent government report.

5. New Hampshire 

Unemployment rate: 2.7 percent

Labor force participation: 67.4 percent

Some of New Hampshire's top employers include Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Fidelity Investments and Concord Hospital.

4. Utah

Unemployment rate: 3.2 percent

Labor force participation: 68 percent

Employment has grown recently in Utah's construction industry, along with the leisure and hospitality sector.

3. Colorado 

Unemployment rate: 2.9 percent

Labor force participation: 67.2 percent

Colorado's tech economy has been booming, adding an estimated 6,350 jobs in 2017, the Denver Business Journal reported.

2. North Dakota

Unemployment rate: 2.6 percent

Labor force participation: 70 percent

North Dakota has the highest labor force participation rate of any state, with 70 percent of residents either employed or searching for work.

1. Hawaii 

A beach at the Four Seasons Hotel Hualalai along the Kona Kohala Coast on Hawaii's Big Island.
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Unemployment rate: 2 percent

Labor force participation: 62.3 percent

At 2 percent, Hawaii boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the U.S. A few of the state's top employers include Altres Industrial, Kapiolani Medical Center and the state's police department.