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Murdered for money: Alan Hruby, the Menendez brothers and more

Murder defendant Alan J. Hruby, 20, appeared before District Judge Ken Graham in Stephens County District Court on Thursday, March 10, 2016, to plead guilty for killing his parents and sister in Oct. 2014, at the family home in Duncan, Okla.
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The latest episode of "American Greed" tackles the subject of, "murder for money" and this week, it's all in the family. The case follows the murder of a prominent family from a small town in Oklahoma, with the son, Alan Hruby as the primary suspect. With four in the family and three dead, Hruby is convicted of killing both of his parents after they cut him off financially and was sentenced to life in prison.

However, Alan Hruby isn't the first to commit familial homicide. We've detailed four more killings where the murderers were looking to cash in on the lives of their parents.

Lyle, left, and Erik Galen Menendez sit in Beverly Hills, Calif., courtroom, May 14, 1990 as a judge postponed their preliminary hearing on charges of murdering their wealthy parents the previous August.
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Menendez brothers

The Menendez brothers might be the most famous on our list. Killing their parents in cold blood and then spending their money lavishly within weeks of the act, put a national lens on this killing duo. Though the brother's defense included accusations of child abuse, their second trial (after the first ended in a mistrial) left the two brothers with a life sentence in prison without the option for parole. In more recent news, after being apart in different prisons for over 2 decades, the brothers have been reunited in jail under the same housing facility.

Jimmy Robertson

Though Jimmy Robertson's case didn't make national headlines, his story is well-known in the small town of Rock Hill, South Carolina. Born into an affluent family, Robertson was showered with money growing up, but claims he was also disciplined to the point of abuse by his parents. After snorting ten times the legal limit of crushed Ritalin one night, Robertson went after his parents with a butcher knife and a claw hammer, beating and stabbing both of them to death. Robertson is currently on death row but keeps appealing his case in the hopes of saving his own life.

Christopher Wayne Pritchard

In a high-profile case, the murder of American businessman Leith Von Stein rocked the state of North Carolina. On the morning of July 25th, 1988, Christopher Wayne Pritchard walked into the bedroom of his stepfather, Leith Von Stein and mother Bonnie, with a knife and club and murdered Leith, leaving Bonnie with severe injuries. Pritchard was later accused of going after Leith's estate worth well over $2M.

Andrew Wamsley

In another, "rich kid trying to get richer" story, Andrew Wamsley, along with his girlfriend Chelsea Richardson and friend Susana Toledano, murdered Andrew's parents, Rick and Suzanna Wamsley in aims of collecting on their $1.65M estate. Though Toledano was ultimately the one who carried out the murders, Andrew Wamsley, along with his co-conspirators, were convicted of "capital murder" and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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