Nordstrom just opened a store only for men. Here's what it looks like inside

The outside of Nordstrom's men's store in New York, which opened in April 2018.
Source: Nordstrom

Nordstrom just opened its first department store dedicated to men. For the naysayers who doubt there's a need for such a thing today, consider this: Do men really need sneaker shining, personal stylists or the ability to pick up online orders at any hour of the day — even 2 a.m.? Nordstrom thinks so. And all those services and more will be available at the new store.

Located in the heart of New York, in between Times Square and Central Park, the stand-alone men's store is situated across the street from what will eventually be Nordstrom's first full-line store for women in the city. That's set to open next year.

The 47,000 square-foot, three-level men's store has four pint-sized shops inside dedicated to sought-after brands: Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Valentino and Dior. It's the first time Nordstrom has tried something more upscale like this for men.

The store also showcases up-and-coming, more sticker-conscious retailers like Greats and Shinola. Activewear takes center stage with Nike, Adidas and Champion. And work apparel — suits, ties and the like — takes up a big chunk of the top floor. When shoppers are ready to relax, they'll find two dining areas — a coffee shop and cafe serving lobster rolls and charcuterie — inside.

Nordstrom has said New York is its biggest market by sales volume for online orders, so it makes sense why the department store is trying to grow there. It already has two off-price Rack stores in the city, while the new men's store is much more luxe. For Nordstrom, the location in New York comes at a time when many retailers are scaling back their physical footprints. The department store chain operates roughly 370 stores in the U.S. and Canada today.

Here's what Nordstrom's new men's store looks like inside:

4 brands, including Calvin Klein, have their own pint-sized stores within the store

Calvin Klein boutique at Nordstrom Men's Store.
Source: Nordstrom

The lower level of the store is dedicated almost entirely to shoes

Christian Louboutin shop at Nordstrom Men's Store.
Source: Nordstrom

A rotating exhibit at one of the entrances will feature popular labels, first Commes des Garcons

Comme des Garcons shop at Nordstrom Men's Store.
Source: Nordstom

Levi's has a tailor shop inside to make customized jeans and jackets

Levi's Tailor Shop at Nordstrom Men's Store.
Source: Nordstrom

The shop features clothing at high and low price points, with big-name and local brands

Men's Clothing at Nordstrom Men's Store.
Source: Nordstrom

Brands like Le Labo are selling one-of-a-kind grooming items for men

Men's Grooming at Nordstrom Men's Store.
Source: Nordstrom

Nike has a considerable presence at the store — for clothes and shoes, some exclusive to Nordstrom

Nike Men's Project at Nordstrom Men's Store.
Source: Nordstrom

There's even a space for tech gadgets like headphones, the Google Home and turntables

Tech area at Nordstrom Men's Store.
Source: Nordstrom