Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tweaks Trump with tweet praising Washington Post's Pulitzer Prize wins

Key Points
  • In a tweet on Monday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos praised the reporting team at the Washington Post for their Pulitzer Prize win.
  • Bezos also took a shot at President Trump by mentioning "Alabama" and "Moscow," two areas of controversy during Trump's presidency.
  • Bezos and Trump are not on good terms, as Trump has repeatedly attacked Bezos-owned Amazon and The Washington Post.
Jeff Bezos tweets praise for the Washington Post's Pulitzer Prize win

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tweaked President Donald Trump via Twitter on Monday, following two Pulitzer Prize wins by The Washington Post.

Bezos praised the reporters at the Post for their reporting that led to "Alabama" and "Moscow," referencing the two story topics that landed the journalism prizes — and embarrassed the president.

Trump endorsed Roy Moore in the Senate race in Alabama despite accusations against the former judge of improprieties with underage girls, some of which came to light through the Post. The newspaper's coverage won the Pulitzer 's investigative reporting award.

Moscow refers to Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election, which was the subject of numerous reports in the Post and The New York Times, which shared the Pulitzer for national reporting.


Trump has repeatedly attacked Bezos and the two companies he owns, Amazon and the Post, accusing them of dodging taxes or publishing "fake news," among other things.

Bezos has largely remained silent in response to Trump's many attacks. But he criticized Trump prior to the 2016 election that Trump's behavior "erodes our democracy," and offered to shoot him into space after Trump accused Bezos of a tax "scam" involving Amazon and the Post.