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CCTV Script 09/04/18


— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on April 9, Monday.

The latest twitter from Trump indicates that his attitude has changed to more mild. What does the change of attitude mean? In fact, many analysts think it's impossible to grasp the meaning of Trump's Twitter.

Some people believe that the attitude changing aims to avoid the escalation of Sino-US trading dispute; cause the White House has pressure from various aspects. While some negative opinion indicates Trump just want to relief the panic in US, ease pressure on the stock and futures markets, as well as dissatisfaction with public opinion.

[Neal Wolin] "I think the inconsistency, the strong rhetoric one day, and the slightly conservative rehotic the next day, very confusing for everyone. I think it's confusing for Americans, I think it's confusing for markets, and I think it's got be confusing for the Chinese. And the question is what is it Trump administration really wants?

When people pay close attention to the White House's position, Mnuchin , the Treasury Secretary of US accepted the CNBC exclusive interview, stating that the trading dispute is not the target, but he holds an optimistic attitude to the parties' final agreement.

[MNUCHIN] "china has been able to do trade freely in our country. our companies have been limited. There's been focused technology, forced ventures and our objective-- the good news is president Xi and president Trump have a very good relationship. They speak regularly, there's clear understanding that we have mutual interests in reducing the trade deficit, that's something that China has agreed with us and as i've said before im cautiously optimistic that we'll be able to work this out"

We mentioned 2 different possibilities for Trump's change of attitude; some analysts warned that due to the unpredictability of the current US government, we should focus on what Trump does rather than what he says. Thus, we also pay close attention to any coming statements. There is no doubt that the White House has pressure from different aspects of US. During the past week, the financial market has been fluctuating and it has been normal that Dow Jones Average fluctuates more than 500 points within one day, and the future market has plummeted, causing US agriculture to suffer losses. Politically, criticism from the Republican party strengthened as the days passed, in business, however, opposition of the trade disputes has strengthen, which is against the White House.

[Deborah Elms] "I think the challenge is that the US is firing multiple directions all at once and trying to get a group of countries to be enthusiastic supporters of the US. At the same time, they are being attached by the US by a variety of settings. And this unilateral tariffs by the US is gonna impact allies very badly, especially the Japanese, the Germans, the Southeast Asians because of the supply chains."

In the stock market, futures in the3 stock markets of the US stock market opened higher, and Dow futures once rose by more than 100 points. In the coming week, what will be going on? We will keep an eye on this issue.