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Cramer's lightning round: Take a long-term view on Spotify

Key Points
  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers' favorite stocks at rapid speed.

Spotify: "A lot of people freaked out today. They're saying to me, 'Come on, Jim, what's going on?' Can we take a longer term view? I think this stock is a buy, buy, buy."

Alkermes PLC: "Oh, my. I thought the stock was up 5 [percent] and it was correct. [CEO] Richard Pops has got a major medical depression drug and I think it's worth – definitely, because the FDA is going to review it – it's worth a buy. I really like it here. By the way, let's just understand each other: [Johnson & Johnson], which reports [Tuesday], has a new ketamine drug that is past Phase 2 and I think that is going to be remarkable. You know I like J&J."

Geron: "Don't buy it. If we're going to do that, we're going to do Illumina [and] we're going to do Thermo Fisher. We've got to stick with high quality. That's what this show's about."

Sorrento Therapeutics: "Everything it tells me is that this is precisely the kind of stock that is speculative that I like. We've seen too many takeovers in this area for me to dismiss this one out of hand. So, as a spec, I'm blessing it."

Mitek Systems: "This is really too speculative. This character recognition software, I have always felt that that was too speculative. I'm not going to be in on that. By the way, listen: you want to get chips that help you there, I think you buy Nvidia. Boy, Nvidia's been down and out lately and I think it's not right that it is."

AK Steel: "My problem here is that they're not the low-cost producer. That's what Nucor is. By the way, NUE reports April 19. When I did my conference call with the charitable [trust] club last week, I said Nucor could be really fantastic on the upside. NUE is the way you want to go."

AbbVie: "They had one major miss and they took the darned stock apart, not unlike what they did to Bristol-Myers this morning. That's why I want to stay away from controversy. I think Merck's the big winner over this weekend and I'm going to stick with Merck. And by the way, I know everybody hates Eli Lilly – I mean, despises it – except for me. I like what they're doing in so many different drugs. It's at $80 bucks. That's why the charitable trust owns it."

Freshpet: "It has been doing pretty well and I think a lot of people think it's going to be taken over ever since Blue Buffalo got that bid [from General Mills]. Me, I'm not as sanguine. I think it's run too much."

KKR & Co.: "I know the distribution's up and down, but you know who's not up and down? Henry Kravis, who runs that. [CEO] Henry Kravis will work until he doesn't want to work anymore, and you know what? As long as he's at the helm, I'm a buyer. I have respected him for generations. KKR, safe with me."

Watch the full lightning round here:

Cramer's lightning round: Take a long-term view on Spotify

Disclosure: Cramer's charitable trust owns shares of Nvidia, Nucor and Eli Lilly.

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