Domino’s will now deliver your pizza to a park bench, beach or sports field

A Domino's employee preparing a pizza.
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If you're hungry and hanging out at the beach and don't want to move, then Domino's will now deliver a pizza to you, even if you don't have a full address to give.

People at parks, beaches and other places that don't have a traditional address can now order pizza via Domino's website and mobile app.

More than 150,000 Domino's "hotspots" are available in the U.S., including famous landmarks and recreation grounds such as the James Brown statue in Augusta, Georgia, and the Tommy Lasorda Field of Dreams baseball field in Los Angeles.

Customers can choose a hotspot close by and provide instructions for delivery drivers to find them. They then get text messages updating them on progress, including the estimated time of arrival of their pizza.

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"We listened to customers and their need for pizza delivery to locations without a traditional address," said Russell Weiner, president of Domino's USA, in an online statement. "We know that delivery is all about convenience, and Domino's Hotspots are an innovation that is all about flexible delivery options for customers."

The chain started a turnaround in 2009, after customers likened its pizza to cardboard. Its recipe was reformulated and CEO Patrick Doyle featured in commercials and interviews admitting that the product just did not taste good. Domino's claims it is the largest pizza company in the world, with $12.2 billion in global sales in 2017, ahead of Pizza Hut which had $12.03 billion.