'Death to America' emoji reportedly included in Iran messaging app

Iran is asking its public to switch to a new mobile messaging app that comes complete with a "Death to America" emoji.

The BBC reported Wednesday that the Soroush app features images of traditionally cloaked women holding placards wishing death to Israel and the United States.

Another image shows a woman holding a picture of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The download page for Iran's domestically produced messenger app called Saroush.

The country's supreme leader has himself offered his support by closing down his account on Telegram and telling followers to sign up to the Iranian-produced service.

Iranians currently prefer to use the Telegram app, but authorities have reportedly blamed its use for anti-establishment protests in the country.

Telegram was banned recently in Russia after its founder refused to hand over encryption keys to officials.

Soroush is not available through traditional app stores and CNBC has been unable to verify the imagery.

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