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I tried a robot companion for a week in Japan

Need a travel companion? Now you can rent a robot

If you're planning to go to Japan by yourself, fear not, RoBoHon is here.

This humanoid robot can hold short conversations with humans and is marketed in Japan as a device that could possible replace your cellphone. Now, it's available for tourists, too.

CNBC went to Tokyo, where the robot is available for rental at Haneda Airport. RoBoHoN costs about $12 per day, with marginal discounts for longer rentals.

While Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri focuses on giving you information, such as providing weather data and news, RoBoHoN, manufactured by Sharp, is made to be a companion to you.

This spiffy robot is outfitted with GPS and can track your whereabouts on your trip. Based on that, it can propose ideas on what to do, depending on where you are.

For example, when it was near the area of Roppongi, it suggested that this CNBC reporter goes to the Maman Spider Sculpture nearby to take an "artistic photo." While walking near Tokyo Station, it began talking about the recent renovations made to the railway station.

And no fear if you are alone, this helpful companion can also take photos for you, and even dance on command.