Facebook can help you fix or clean your home

Key Points
  • Facebook's Marketplace can now help you find local contractors for home improvement.
  • You can find a plumber, a cleaning service or someone to help with a construction project.
  • Facebook is taking on Angie's List and Amazon Home Services.
Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is rolling out an update that lets you book people to fix things at your house. You can hire a plumber, a contractor, an electrician and house cleaning services.

It's an addition to Marketplace — its built-in Craigslist-style tool for selling and buying goods. Facebook said it's working with three firms, Handy, HomeAdvisor and Porch, to offer the new services.

Facebook said it decided to launch the service after it discovered that its U.S. users were, more than anything else, requesting recommendations for in-home services.

Angie's List is a popular destination for folks who need to find someone for home repairs and projects. Amazon Home Services offers similar solutions, including house cleaning, yard work and construction, using nearby firms. A similar site, Task Rabbit, agreed to be purchased by Ikea last year.

These services, like Facebook, allow you to find highly rated and recommended services that have been used by people who live nearby.

The tool is rolling out over the next couple of weeks. That means you might not see it yet, but you can check by opening the Facebook app on your phone and then selecting the Marketplace icon at the bottom of the app (on iPhone) or top of the app on Android.