Read the tweets that got these people blocked on Twitter by President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump
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Key Points
  • A federal judge ruled Wednesday that President Donald Trump cannot block people from following him on Twitter.
  • Trump has more than 35 million followers on the social media platform.
  • Seven people whom Trump blocked last year sued him over the action.
President Donald Trump
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They tweeted these insults at President Donald Trump, and now they've beaten Trump — in court.

On Wednesday, a federal judge said that Trump does not have the right to block people from following his Twitter posts.

The ruling came in response to a suit by seven people who had been blocked, personally by Trump, last year on Twitter.

The individuals were joined in their suit by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University.

A lawyer for the institute said she knows of several hundred people, at least, who have been blocked by Trump on Twitter, but the actual number of blocked accounts is likely much higher.

Below are the people who sued Trump over their being blocked, and the tweets that landed them in the president's crosshairs.

Rebecca Buckwalter, Washington-based writer and political consultant

Philip Cohen, professor of sociology at the University of Maryland

Holly Figueroa O'Reilly, political organizer and former singer-songwriter from Seattle

Eugene Gu, resident in general surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the CEO of the Ganogen Research Institute

Brandon Neely, a police officer in Tomball, Texas

Joseph Papp, former professional road cyclist, now an anti-doping advocate and author

Nicholas Pappas, comic and writer from New York City

The White House had no comment on the loss in the case. The Justice Department, which represented the president in the case said it was considering its next steps. An appeal is possible.

Trump did not talk about the case Wednesday on Twitter. But it's possible, given his history of teeing off on opponents, that he will say something about it in the future.