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Boeing and three other industrial stocks to buy right now

Industrial-sized rally ahead? Traders reveal their top industrial picks

The future of trade with some of the strongest U.S. allies looks uncertain as President Donald Trump heads to a meeting of the G-7. But, some see potential in a few industrials names that are primed to break out even as they lay vulnerable to global headwinds.

Todd Gordon, founder of, says his first pick, Boeing, should fly higher.

"Really, really beautiful chart here," Gordon told CNBC's "Trading Nation" on Thursday. "Boeing has fallen into a nice consolidation here for a good period of time."

Gordon has a $442 target on Boeing, implying 20 percent upside from current levels. That would also put its shares further into record-breaking territory having notched an all-time intraday high on Thursday.

"That's some pretty serious market cap tacked onto Boeing," added Gordon. "I don't think it's going to happen next month but over the next six to 12 months if the market does stabilize that's possible, so I like Boeing on the topisde."

Caterpillar, Gordon's second pick, has made big moves over the past year, gaining 48 percent in 12 months and reaching records in mid-January.

"Caterpillar just looks beautiful," said Gordon, pointing out that its break above $105 resistance in June of last year now acts as support. "We have this little consolidation here in this period of market volatility of 2018 and it looks like it's ready to continue on through up to about $180."

Caterpillar is a 15 percent rally from $180. Its shares came within $10 of that level at its market peak in January.

There are two names that have pulled back and that are now set up as value plays in the industrials sector, according to Chad Morganlander, portfolio manager at Washington Crossing Advisors.

"3M has come down 60 points, it's roughly 200 and change, we think you can get a short-term trade out of this and also a long-term buy out of it if you have a time horizon," said Morganlander on Thursday's "Trading Nation." "Also a second company that we think is going to do quite well over the next 18 months is Stanley, Black & Decker. This is a company also like 3M that has come down quite a bit."

Boeing is up 25 percent in the year to date, Caterpillar is down 1 percent, 3M has dropped 13 percent and Stanley, Black & Decker has declined 15 percent. The XLI industrial SPDR ETF is up 0.5 percent.

Disclosure: Washington Crossing Advisors owns shares of 3M and Stanley, Black & Decker. Chad Morganlander does not personally have a position in them.