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Sidney Torres of 'The Deed' shares 3 things you need to know before flipping your next home

3 things you need to know before starting you next flip

Sidney Torres is no stranger to flipping houses. The real estate mogul has developed properties all over New Orleans and is back for a second season of his house-flipping show, "The Deed." Now, he's sharing three expert tips to help new and old flippers alike make the most from their flipping projects.

Tip No. 1: Add windows next to your bedside tables

This might seem like a small adjustment, but this little tip adds a ton of extra light to your space. It also creates more symmetry in the room that you might not have had otherwise. "it's a bit more expensive, but it goes a long way when [a buyer] walks in and sees it."

Tip No. 2: Put french doors on your back deck

This addition creates a unique indoor-outdoor feel to your property. Torres says you can, "leave the doors open in the early mornings or at night when the weather's nice. That's a nice option to have for the buyer."

Tip No. 3: Hide the toilet in the master bathroom

"I never want to see the toilet when I walk into the master bedroom." This unique rule from Torres ensures that you keep the toilet private and can leave the door open to show the bathroom as a feature of the master bedroom.

Use these three tips on your next flip and tune in to see Sidney Torres on an all-new season of "The Deed," Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT