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CCTV Script 05/06/18


— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on June 5, 2018, Tuesday.

This Apple developer conference is viewed as the most "soft" one in history, "soft" is from "software", because there was no hardware introduced in the overnight presentation, some apple users and fans think this developer conference is boring and uninteresting compared to the previous developer conferences. However, the feedbacks from analysts and markets are very positive; some experts think that this "boring" of upgrading software quality builds Apple's future ecological architecture. Let's sort out some highlights.

Firstly, Apple's CEO Cook said that they will update Apple's operating system, including IOS, WatchOS, TvOS and MacOS. Apple will upgrade the performance at updating stage, making the device faster and more sensitive, for example, the startup speed of IOS12 and keyboard typing is 40% and 50% faster than before, compared to IOS11, and that is one of the features of new system.

In addition, another software highlight is AR of IOS. We noticed that Cook and some Apple's executives often talk about AR recently, so Apple really values this tech. Currently, Apple has upgraded its platform to ARKit 2.0.

The keyword among that is "measurement", that means Apple's hardware can locate precisely and make AR be a real measurement tool. And "interact among many people" means AR is no longer limited to a single communication between a participant and the environment, but different users can see the AR world in other users' view. That means "group combat" is possible. For example, 2 people use AR to build LEOGO bricks. Apple said this is a reflection beyond the physical world.

There are many software upgrades that will bring new experience to users, including integrating more AI features into photos, enhancing intelligent search and doing social sharing using face recognition. In addition, the tech upgrading of voice assistant makes Siri be more active, for example, Siri can remind the user of the schedule or send birthday wishes etc. according to the user's habit. Moreover, it also includes the upgrade of news recommendation, notification and customized emoji.

As well as the introduction of "Anti-Insistence System" for parent education, etc. We can know that there is no introduction of new hardware products, and there are not too many new and fresh features. However, the upgrade on AR and AI will enhance user loyalty which is gained from software, while the obscure technical details may be the key to apple ecology next year.

However, the Wall Street holds a positive view on this preparation, Apple's stock prices was up 0.84% overnight, hitting a new peak and increased 0.27% again in after-hours trading, and that also broke the curse that Apple's stock price will definitely decline during the developer conference.

[Hugh Johnson]" When you get a company with 300 bn dollars in cash, there's not much you can do to go wrong. That thing is really really on fire."

At the same time, Apple also released several figures to emphasis the positive prospect from future software, including the number of developers who are related to Apple has reached 20 million; there are more than 500 million users visit Apple Store every week; the revenue generated by 20 million developers has exceeded 100 billion dollars and there are more than 50000 APPs from developers are online at Apple Store. All these have laid a solid foundation for Apple's future.