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Check out the world's fanciest McDonald's

We tried out the world's fanciest McDonald's
We tried out the world's fanciest McDonald's

Quinoa, ambient lighting and Perrier.

They're certainly not be synonymous with fast food giant McDonald's, but if a new concept being tested out in Hong Kong proves successful, that could change.

A branch was renovated last year into what the company called, McDonald's Next. Here, a burger and fries are delivered to customer's tables on a cutting board with real metal utensils — not plastic.

McDonald's did not respond to inquiries for its future plans for the concept. But, here's what CNBC observed during a recent visit:

1. The food is fancy

While an old-fashioned Big Mac is certainly an option at McDonald's Next, a fancier burger is probably a better option. CNBC ordered a burger on a brioche bun, complete with caramelized onions, truffle-flavored sauce and grilled pineapple.
A burger, fries and salty-caramel latte cost $8.92.

2. Your food comes to you

In the evenings, customers have the option of getting their food delivered to their table. At checkout, customers take a table card, find a seat, and an employee then brings the items to them.

3. Juice up with its wireless chargers

Tables here have multiple wireless chargers — wherein guests can place their phone on a charger for free, without the use of any cords. The tables also have USB ports for charging, too.

4. Save some room for dessert

At the McCafe counter, within McDonald's, the dessert menu boasts items from cakes made onsite to sweet potato ice cream sundae served on a waffle.

There are also signs which show where its coffee beans originate from, which include: Guatemala, Sumatra, and Ethiopia. McDonald's also sells bags of its coffee beans so customers can brew at home.

5. Wash up, next to the counter

Instead of hunting down a bathroom when you really just want to freshen up — which at some locations could involve asking for a key, punching in a door code, or even paying (even if you're a paying customers) — McDonald's Next offers a hand-washing station in the center of its restaurant.

The automated experience starts the moment you put your hands under the faucet. First, soapy water is dispensed, followed by regular water to rinse and the it ends with a paper towel dispensing from the top of the station. Whether you're ready or not, the experience happens.

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