Cramer's lightning round: Calling bottom in Southwest Airlines despite oil trends

  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers' favorite stocks at rapid speed.

Southwest Airlines Co.: “Look, do I want to call the bottom in Southwest? I do think that oil could go higher, but I am. [CEO] Gary Kelly is too good for the stock to be down all the way here at $52. That’s ridiculous. I mean, he’s a really good operator and all the airlines are under tremendous pressure. I think that this is the finest one.”

Prudential Financial Inc.: “You’re dead right [to build your position]. It’s been lumped in with all of the trade war stuff, and how ridiculous is that? It’s time to buy PRU.”

Smartsheet Inc.: “My charitable trust owns and I don’t like to think beyond that, frankly. I think that that’s the best way to play it.”

Editas Medicine Inc.: “You know, this is a gene-splicing [company]. I happened to be going over this particular technology with, actually, someone who’s a head coach of an NFL team. We were both kicking [around] an idea that this is where you have to be. This is probably the speculative one that I think works the best. It is speculative, though.”

The Home Depot, Inc.: “I want you to buy more. It’s pretty simple. I think it’s the right kind of stock. I think it’s good. I just got frozen in it, obviously, by mentioning it, but … this is one that my charitable trust has been looking at actively. Costco reports later this week; maybe it comes down on that.”

Solaredge Technologies Inc.: “First Solar is going to report soon and we do have to worry about the Chinese flooding solar, though we did put a tariff on it. Solaredge is a technology company connected to solar and therefore it has much higher barriers to entry and I like that.”

RPM International Inc.: “Look, Elliot [Partners] took a position in it and you know we like the company. We’ve had them on a couple times. The stake that they took made RPM be a little more forceful, a little more aggressive and it’s working. I think it’s a good situation still, even up here.”

Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd.: “I don’t get this one. I mean, look, I like Randgold. This thing’s the best-acting gold stock in the market. It is just incredible. I mean, it’s like they just discovered gold or something. I have no comment on this one. It is way too hot for me.”

Celgene Corporation: “After the close, they reported that they made a breakthrough on a particular illness. I, candidly, did not know the illness but I do think that the biotech group is going up. My friend Stephanie Link, also known as the Linkster, has been recommending Gilead. I think that Celgene is part of an overall group move and it’s working.”

BB&T Corporation: “I like the regional banks. They don’t have Chinese exposure, thank heavens. By the way, PNC reports Friday. That will determine how BB&T goes.”

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