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Cramer's lightning round: Sell half of your position in beer stocks on concerning industry trends

Key Points
  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers' favorite stocks at rapid speed.

The Boston Beer Company: "Amazingly, SAM’s doing incredibly well. I think it was heavily shorted. It’s making a comeback, but I do not like the beer category. I think it is saturated and there’s too much competition and I would be a seller of half my position if I owned any."

The Estee Lauder Companies: "The stock has really been marking time since the last quarter because there were some very small things that were concerning to people. I think it is a buy. I think [CEO] Fabrizio Freda is doing a remarkable job and you should pick some up. It’s part of the selfie generation."

Primerica, Inc.: "Primerica is doing incredibly well. It is really for the, let’s say, the middle-income person. It’s really one of the great financial advisors and it’s done incredibly well here and I think it’s going to continue."

Axon Enterprise, Inc.: "Oh, boy. We liked it in the $20s and the $30s and the $40s and the $50s. Look, I’m afraid to say ‘Continue to buy it up here’ because it’s at $75. We’ve been such stalwart supporters of it. I think now you’ve got to wait for a pullback. I can’t come in right now with guns blazing saying ‘Time to buy’ when I’ve been saying it’s time to buy for 50 straight points."

HP Inc.: "HP Inc., I think, is doing incredibly well and I would be a buyer of that stock right here. HPE is hard for me. Don’t feel that way. "

Vail Resorts, Inc.: "Vail’s incredibly well-run. That is an experiential place. It’s just fantastic and I think it’s still a buy."

Watch the full lightning round here:
Cramer's lightning round: Sell half of your position in beer stocks on concerning industry trends

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