Cooperman makes this stock jump 50 percent in seconds

Key Points
  • Leon Cooperman's big pick
  • Stock soars 50 percent in seconds after the announcement
  • The company mines a key product
The call that sent this stock up 50 percent in seconds.

On the Halftime Report Tuesday, legendary investor Leon Cooperman announced a recent stock pick in his personal fund.

When he did... investors went wild, piling into the stock. It jumped 50 percent in a matter of seconds.

Cooperman warned investors however "it's speculative because of the narrow range of their revenue base."

The stock is Largo Resources, a Canadian based company that mines and produces vanadium pentoxide.  One of it's main uses is to make steel products stronger and less susceptible to corrosion.

He advises investors to go beyond the indices and look for places where they can find opportunity. "A big chunk of the market is efficiently priced" said Cooperman, "but I try to look in the sector of the market that is not efficiently priced."