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I tried replacing my iPhone screen at home — here's what happened

What happened when I replaced my broken iPhone screen myself

I recently broke the screen on my iPhone 6s and went searching for my replacement options.

I could have gotten an upgrade since it's an older model and I've had it for well over two years, but the phone still has plenty of life, and a screen replacement is much cheaper than buying a new device.

For Apple to fix the screen, I would have had to pay $149 and wait over a week for an appointment at the nearest store in the Bay Area. Many third-party companies offer replacement services that may be cheaper, but they generally get mixed consumer reviews.

Then I found a home replacement kit from a company called iFixit. The company sells $60 replacement kits for the iPhone 6s as well as kits for other phones, tablets, computers, smartwatches and drones.

The package included everything I needed for the repair, including the tools and a new screen. It's important to note that iFixit's screens are not genuine Apple parts, because those are available only through official Apple service centers. Instead, iFixit sources screens from a variety of outside suppliers in China.

It took me about 50 minutes to complete the repair, and I found the process surprisingly simple. The hardest part was the first step of removing the damaged screen and avoiding injury from the shards of glass. But once that was done, it was just a matter of patiently following the instructions.

If you're even the least bit technically savvy and are dealing with an older iPhone, I highly recommend repairing the screen yourself. It's a rewarding experience and gave me the confidence that I could tackle a different repair in the future.

Note: Check the warranty on your device because repairing a phone yourself will likely void it.

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