Samsung accidentally leaked a bunch of details about its major phone that launches next week

Key Points
  • Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 appeared in a leaked video on Samsung's website.
  • The Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled during an event in Brooklyn on August 9.
  • The new device appears to have twice the storage of any phone currently on the market.
DJ Koh, president of mobile communications business at Samsung, holds up the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone during a launch event for the new product, August 23, 2017.
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Samsung's website in New Zealand accidentally published a video featuring the company's soon-to-be-announced Galaxy Note 9 phone.

The video was first noticed by the tech site SamMobile before it was taken offline, but another version of it still lives on YouTube.

The video shows the Galaxy Note 9 and its iconic "S Pen" stylus. It also suggests Samsung will sell a model with 512 gigabytes of storage — twice that of any phone currently sold on the market — and support for expanding that storage up to 1 terabyte. That's probably more than most folks need.

Samsung's Galaxy Note family of products has attracted a cult following since the first Note was launched in 2011. That device ushered in a new wave of "phablet" phones with screens that were larger than traditional phones at the time.

Samsung is hosting its Galaxy Note 9 launch event in Brooklyn, New York, on Thursday when it will formally provide more information on the new phone.

Samsung declined to comment on the video.

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