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This electric hydrofoil taxi could save you from sitting in traffic

A French startup wants you to choose waterways over highways to ease city...

A French startup is betting that waterways will be the solution to solving some of our congestion problems around cities close to bodies of water. SeaBubbles is currently testing the Bubble, a hydrofoil water taxi that can fit up to four passengers and a pilot. The all-electric vehicle is about the size of a car and can reach speeds of up to 17 mph.

Hydrofoils lift the Bubble's hull above the water, creating a very smooth ride that could help prevent seasickness. SeaBubbles has also partnered with ABB to use the company's software, which will act as the brain of the vehicle and take in all sensor data.

The Bubble has already been tested in Geneva and Paris. SeaBubbles aims to be in 50 water-rich cities in the next 5 years.