You can now ask Google's home speaker to tell you only good news — here's what it said when I tried it

Key Points
  • Google Assistant can now tell you good news.
  • All you have to do is ask Google to "tell you something good." 
  • CNBC's Todd Haselton walks you through some of the results.
Google Home
Source: Google

Google recently introduced a new feature that will deliver good news when you ask it to. It's in trial, but should be available for the Google Home and any other device with Google Assistant installed, such as Android phones or iPhones with the Assistant app.

The results are curated from the Solutions Journalism Network, a group that gathers positive and feel-good stories from around the world. The results link directly to stories in outlets including The New York Times, BBC and NPR. In a blog post, Google said it enabled the feature because "it can feel like there are only problems out there," and it wants users to have a balanced media diet.

I decided to give it a try.

First, I just said "OK Google, tell me something good" through the Google Assistant on my phone. Then, it delivered some heartwarming news. Here's a sample of some of the results I got.

A place to play, on wheels or feet

"In San Antonio, there is a water park and an amusement park where children with disabilities can go on every ride. This park allows children with even severe disabilities to play alongside their friends."

The data donators

"The voluntary donation of data for medical research is on the rise. Apps enable thousands of volunteers to share their health data, which is giving scientists new research leads on arthritis and Parkinson's disease."

Utah reduced chronic homelessness by 91 percent

In a decade, Utah reduced chronic homelessness by 91 percent. Its Housing First approach prioritizes getting people sheltered, before providing additional social services.

You can try it, too

With each response, Google provides a link to read the full article. One problem is that the stories aren't necessarily new. The Utah article above was from 2015, for example. Still, if you want a quick feel-good story whenever you want, try asking Google to tell you something good.

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