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Hurricane Maria's long-term impact is changing cities and towns across the US

Puerto Rico one year after Hurricane Maria: Migration to the US mainland

Puerto Rico's population has been shrinking for the last decade due to its fiscal crisis. A year after Hurricane Maria, the exodus is a growing problem for the island.

Beyond the loss of human life, wrecking of property and destruction of infrastructure, Maria is reshaping the population of Puerto Rico, and communities across the country. One year after the storm, estimates show anywhere from 30,000-50,000 Puerto Ricans have left the island and have not returned.

"The hurricane was the push for everyone to say. 'OK this is the moment, this is the time'" to leave, said Jean Rodriguez, who moved out of Puerto Rico in November 2017.

Watch the video above to hear stories from three Puerto Ricans who moved to the U.S. mainland after the storm.