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Surprise! Google is popping 'Easter eggs' into searches in honor of its 20th birthday

Key Points
  • Google is celebrating its 20th birthday with fun Easter Eggs in search results.
  • If you search a term that was popular in 1998, when Google was founded, it will return a suggestion that's more modern.
  • Here's the full list of Google's 20th birthday Easter Egg search results.
Aly Song | Reuters

To celebrate its 20th birthday today, Google has buried several fun "Easter eggs" into its search results.

For a limited time, Google will make auto-correct spelling suggestions if you search for terms from 1998 that have since been replaced by more modern lingo.

If you search for "mp3 file," for example, Google will say: "It's 2018! Did you mean: stream music?" Or, if you search for "digital pet" — like the popular Tamagatchi toy from the late '90s, Google will correct you with a more modern toy and say: "It's 2018! Did you mean: fidget spinner?"

Here's what it looks like:

Google sent the full list of Easter eggs. On the left is the search, and on the right is what Google will recommend:

It's 2018! Did you mean:
mp3 file stream music
watch a dvd streaming subscription
googol Google
gettin' jiggy wit it floss dance
page me New phone, who dis?
butterfly clip styles top knot
chat room text the group
how to tell someone you like them swipe right
low-rider pants how to style high waisted pants
digital pet fidget spinner
baby bae
what is Y2K? how does cryptocurrency work?
screen name social handle
clip art GIF
keepin' it real keep it 100
soccer world champions 1998 soccer world champions 2018(Hint: Two very good years for the France national team!)

Here's another fun Easter Egg: Google Street view of the garage where Google was founded.

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