Women and girls celebrate female empowerment in the We Dare To Bare fundraiser in New York City 

Movemeant Foundation rings the NYSE closing bell

Executives from the Movemeant Foundation ring Friday's closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. They're there to celebrate its latest We Dare To Bare fundraiser. The focus of the event is to promote social change nationwide and to empower young girls to be strong and self-assured. 

We Dare To Bare hits different cities throughout the year, and on September 30, it hits New York. Movemeant believes fitness and movement are the key to feeling powerful, and so, with that in mind, spin, yoga, kickboxing and more are offered, all while casual conversations about beauty and confidence take place.

Movemeant puts a heavy focus on middle school, the most formative years of a girl's life. It is the leading non-profit organization that empowers women and girls by providing body-positive and self-confidence building tools.

Movemeant and We Dare To Bare help raise funds and awareness to school curriculum. It awards scholarships and grants to young female athletes from economically-disadvantaged communities, and to up and coming all-stars who need some additional assistance.

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