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You can now control Skydio's obstacle-dodging self-flying drone with your Apple Watch

This drone will follow and record you while dodging obstacles

Earlier this year, Skydio launched its self-flying Skydio R1 drone. The R1 can take 4K video while tracking and following a person between obstacles, all without any controller.

Now with a new Apple Watch app, users can select autonomous flight modes, choose which person the R1 tracks, rotate the drone and bring it in for landing.

The Skydio R1 uses 13 cameras, a GPS and other sensors to map its surroundings. It then tries to predict the movement of its subject with technology similar to that used in autonomous cars.

DJI also sells some obstacle avoidance drones.

Skydio lowered the price of the R1 to $1,999 since it started selling the drone in February.