Here's how Singapore Airlines is making its passengers comfortable on the world's longest flight

Key Points
  • The world's longest flight departs from New Jersey and lands in Singapore nearly 19 hours later.
  • The Singapore Airlines flight lacks an economy class but has tried to address common gripes about flying for its premium economy and business class customers.
  • Singapore Airlines teamed up with wellness brand Canyon Ranch to come up with strategies and a gourmet menu to make passengers more comfortable during the marathon flight.
View of the arrival hall at the newly built Changi airport terminal 4 in Singapore on July 25, 2017.
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In October, the world's longest flight made its maiden voyage, from Newark Liberty International Airport, landing at Changi Airport in Singapore nearly 19 hours later.

The Airbus A350-900ULR — the long-range plane that Singapore Airlines is using for the flight — offers no economy class, only premium economy and business class that seats fewer than 200. But the pricier ticket is worth it, since the flight offers more leg room and other top of the line perks.

In an effort to make sure that customers de-plane feeling as great as they did when they first stepped into the Airbus A350, Singapore Airlines partnered with Canyon Ranch, which is known for its wellness resort and luxury spas.

Canyon Ranch worked closely with Singapore Airlines to take the in-flight experience to new heights, tackling common gripes from passengers like food, sleep and blood circulation.

"From my perspective, I took a lot of personal experience into account," David Varley, Canyon Ranch's vice president of food and beverage, said. He's flown to Singapore several times himself, although he hasn't flown on world's longest flight yet.

Spending nearly a full day on a plane can leave passengers feeling out of sorts. With that in mind, CNBC compiled a short list of 5 things travelers can look forward to, in order to make the journey more pleasant.

A menu crafted by a gourmet chef

Source: Singapore Airlines/Canyon Ranch

Airplane food has earned a bad reputation, but Varley and his team worked with Singapore Airlines to come up with a menu that passengers would actually enjoy.

"We wanted to make food that they love and that will love them back," Varley said. He picked the braised pork with citrus as his favorite dish of the flight. The entree comes with a white bean cassoulet, spinach and parsley Marcona gremolata.

Exercise videos to keep passengers limber

Singapore Airlines' new premium-economy seats will feature larger screens.
Source: Singapore Airlines

Canyon Ranch created a series of videos that help fliers cut down on stiffness. For example, one video leads passengers through calf, hamstring and isometric stretches, specifically designed by Canyon Ranch physiologists.

Strategies to help passengers sleep better

Tim McGuire | Getty Images

In addition to stretching, Canyon Ranch also made videos that cover relaxation and sleeping techniques. With a flight that takes 19-hours, passengers won't want to miss out on any beauty sleep.

Special lighting to reduce jetlag

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A340-500
Source: Airbus

We all know that our electronics' blue light can keep us awake longer at night. But it turns out that there are also colors of light that can help us fall asleep faster.

Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, who now serves as Chief of Health Innovations of Canyon Ranch, worked with Singapore Airlines to create amber lighting for the plane's cabins that will encourage passengers to relax, and make falling asleep easier.

Larger windows, and more legroom

The flight will feature the airline's premium economy seats, which offer more legroom than regular coach class.
Source: Singapore Airlines

For passengers who have been in the air for nearly 19 hours, larger windows will make seeing the Singapore sunrise an even more spectacular view. In addition to the bigger windows, the plane also comes equipped with seats that offer more legroom in its premium economy class, and higher ceilings.

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Correction: This article has been updated with Carmona's current Canyon Ranch title.