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CCTV Script 22/11/18

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on November 22, 2018, Thursday.

Retail workers around the country are getting stores ready for the biggest shopping weekend of the year. More than half of all Americans are expected to shop online in store or both at some point between thanksgiving and cyber Monday. Well, black Friday is not as big as it once was because of sales spread over the weekend and online. It's still expected to be the biggest day of the year.

Fridays turned into an event with families and friends where it's more of a tradition. So family spent a lot of time out together on black Friday. Actually when we talk to the consumer about twenty five percent expect to shop on thanksgiving about seventy percent expect to be in the store of black Friday.

Pretty much we eat turkey eat and get the girls ready. And let's get out of the shop

I'm definitely not shopping black Friday. I'm not shopping over the weekend either I'd rather do everything online

If you want to get a head start, most retailers are offering door busters online very early thanksgiving morning. But if you want to hit the stores, Jc Penney opens first at two pm on Thanksgiving Day, best by kohl's, Macy's and target store deals start at five o'clock. Walmart black Friday begins at six pm at its stores, but you can get fueled up starting at four o'clock with free coffee and cookies

It takes a lot to prepare the supply chain stores and website to handle the black Friday surge.

Getting the right merchandise in the right quantity to the right stores and distribution centers is often planned a year in advance. Apps and websites are tested under heavy volume. To make sure sites can handle the traffic. Beyond offering enticing prices, retailers are aiming to make shopping easier. Walmart, target, and KOHLS have mapped all their stores for shoppers, so door busters can be found quickly. All three are also offering the option to check out without having to go to a register at least some stores

Buy online. Pick up at store becomes even more important during the holidays. Well, it gives shoppers flexibility. It adds complexity for the retailer to use store inventory and labor to also quickly fill online order

Courtney Reagan

Kohl's says most buy online pick up in store orders are ready in an hour or less. The department store expects ten million items will be picked up in store in November and December alone.

Retailers have been working since last Christmas to get everything ready for this weekend. Now all that's left to do is wait for the shopper rush. .