Hertz launches biometric lanes to make car renting faster by up to 75 percent

Key Points
  • Car rental company Hertz has launched an airport lane that replaces ID checks with facial recognition and fingerprint scans.
  • The lane opened on Tuesday at Atlanta International Airport, with 40 locations set to open next year.
  • CLEAR, the firm that provides biometric technology for Delta, worked with Hertz on the project.
A sign is posted in front of a Hertz car sales and rental car office on August 8, 2017 in South San Francisco, California.
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Car rental company Hertz has launched an airport gate that uses biometric scanners to speed up the process.

The "Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR" opened at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Tuesday, allowing travellers to use fingerprint scanners and facial recognition technology instead of showing a physical ID.

According to Hertz, the system will cut down on the time taken to collect a rental car by at least 75 percent, with the potential to get drivers through the exit gate and on the road in 30 seconds or less.

The Fast Lanes – the first use of biometrics by a major car rental firm – will be rolled out across more than 40 U.S. locations in 2019. New locations will include Los Angeles International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport.


CLEAR, the company behind the technology, also developed Delta Biometrics – the system used by the airline to streamline its airport lounge access.

"By teaming with CLEAR, Hertz gets a partner with an expanding footprint and proven track record to help us innovate the car rental process, improve the customer experience and bring meaningful benefits to busy travellers," Hertz CEO Kathryn V. Marinello said in a press release Tuesday.

CLEAR's CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker added: "You are you, and we're creating a future in which your fingerprints, eyes and face are your best and most secure ID."

The fast lanes are available for use by Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program members, as well as CLEAR members who opt to upgrade.