We traced what it takes to make an iPhone, from its initial design to the components and raw materials needed to make it a reality

A look at the complex, global supply chain and dozens of minerals needed to build an iPhone

The design of every new iPhone starts at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California, but the resources needed to make this design a reality come from all over the world.

Apple said it sold its 2 billionth iOS device this year. To make this many devices requires an incredibly complex and far-reaching supply chain. Apple works with suppliers in 43 countries and six continents to make its products, and the chain gets even more complicated when you break it down into raw materials.

Apple posts a list of its suppliers, but does not specify exactly which company makes which part of the iPhone. One way to get a glimpse into this has been through product teardowns done by companies like iFixit and TechInsights. CNBC also spoke with mineral experts and academics to show you the global journey every iPhone makes before it ever hits store shelves.