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Watch: Trump makes an announcement on the government shutdown

[The stream is slated to start at 1:30 p.m. ET. Please refresh the page if you do not see a player above at that time.]

President Donald Trump is expected to make an announcement Friday afternoon on the partial government shutdown.

The longest U.S. funding lapse ever is in its 35th day. On Friday, about 800,000 workers started to miss their second paychecks since it began on Dec. 22.

Trump has repeatedly insisted on securing $5.7 billion to build his proposed border wall before he agrees to reopen the government. Democrats have refused his request.

After two bills to reopen the government failed in the Senate on Thursday, serious talks to find an end to the impasse restarted for the first time in weeks. In the GOP-held Senate, momentum gathered behind a plan to fund the government for three weeks while lawmakers hash out a broader immigration deal.

On Thursday, Trump asked for a "down payment" for the barrier in exchange for funding the government.

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