Arthur Blank talks Super Bowl, economy and politics with CNBC

Ahead of the Super Bowl in Atlanta, CNBC sat down with Arthur Blank, owner of the hosting Atlanta Falcons. He is also a co-founder of Home Depot.

Blank talked with CNBC about everything, including his experience hosting the Super Bowl, his effort to make concession prices fan-friendly at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta and for whom he'll be rooting this Sunday.

He also talked about his views on the economy, the political climate and the biggest national issues. He said that "our country is going through a difficult time," referencing both economics and "the issue of diversity and inclusion." The Falcons' owner said he "hates to see the extremes on both sides."

Blank mentioned his focus on the country opening its doors and coming up with respectful immigration laws. "One of the great things about our great cities like Atlanta is the diversity that exists here."

See below for the full interview.

Legendary Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank on Super Bowl LIII